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Girl on Yellow Quilt by famoore Girl on Yellow Quilt by famoore
Girl on Yellow Quilt

My great-grandfather on my mother’s side, I only knew in pictures and, later, stories. He was a small man with a mustache. He came over on the same ship from Bohemia as did his future wife, the mother of my mother’s mother; and they both settled in Saint Louis, Missouri, where they later met through friends… for the first time.

A tailor to the CEO’s in Saint Louis, He did pretty well, I guess; because they owned a lot of Real Estate. The daughters were dressed like models. Only later, when I was studying fashion design was I told about his work. Strange I didn’t know before. The stories I heard were always about the scientists, doctors, inventors, and entrepreneurs in my Dad’s pioneering family. Not the two little Bohemians, whose eyes and nose I have.

He made a quilt, hand-sewn of course, a yellow quilt, that I have always cherished. It’s the softest cotton. I can’t imagine that any of these fabrics were from men’s suits. When I use it, the quilt seems to bring good dreams and deep sleep and some feeling I have not yet discerned. Whatever its magic, sleeping on the yellow quilt, or under it, is my kind of “fine”. -F.A. Moore

Digital work by F.A. Moore, July 21, 2009.
Girl, digitally brush-painted; background, photocollage and textures.
Dimensions: 5000×3350 pixels

Special thanks to stock providers FantasyStock for model reference ("Jody") and orange Portulaca flower reference; CAStock
for white orchid reference; and xylofonflickan and Smoko-Stock for screen and lighten overlay textures. Main Background is the artist's own life-collage.

When I was working with my “Rebirth” series, something I changed turned the “quilt” to this gorgeous golden hue. I just had to share with you, not only the image, but some of the memories and feelings I experience upon seeing it. Thank you for reading.
Smoko-Stock Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
Thanks for the link back to see how you used my Stock. Job well done.

Click Here:icondeathhugplz:
famoore Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
Thank you! :)
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August 18, 2009
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