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The Golden Necklace, Night at by famoore The Golden Necklace, Night at by famoore
The Golden Necklace, Night at the Museum Ball

Rumored provenance of the golden necklace notwithstanding, no one could denied that it transferred magic to the wearer. The tale of the golden necklace is the story of its beneficiaries, their travels, travails, passions, and play.

Tonight the golden necklace would drape the neck of Jill Monroe. It was a special occasion. She was going to the Fine Arts Museum Ball to dance the dance of her life and to gaze once again on her favorite painting in the world, Van Gogh's brilliant _Field with Poppies_, visiting from the Kunsthalle.

There on her dresser lay the necklace, so beautiful and other-worldly. Her perfectly manicured nails gently nudged the beads along an invisible straight line. Yes, it would contrast boldly with her pink floral gown. And he would like that. He would notice, and would lean in to tell her so, touching her ear with his hushed whisper of approval.

What neither of them knew was the magic that the golden necklace would bring that night, when it went to the museum ball.

--by F.A. Moore, July 2009

Digital Fine Art by F.A. Moore, July 9, 2009
First work in a series, "The Golden Necklace".

Special thanks to stock providers katanaz-stock for the two models, which I used to create for model and hair, respectively; and to FantasyStock for the pink peonies used for the dress. Textures underlaying the main background are from B-squared stock.

The main background is my ever-evolving "life collage", featured in other works, including Life-Giver and The Choice series. Besides the background, the life collage was also used for the "mosaic" in the pink ball gown. Finally the necklace is made up of over 30 replicas of the circle in Golden Silk, a work uploaded to Red Bubble, to support this series.
FantasyStock Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
Very pretty! :+fav: Her eyes are so striking!! Well done!
famoore Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
Thank you!!
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